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Interview with Brian Scott

by Mike Andrews Jr

1. How many kids do you have and what are their ages?  2 kids, one is 14 years and the other is 18 months. 2. Why did you become a stay at home dad? I was the primary bread winner, but I was born with scoliosis and kyphosis. As the years went on it just […]

Interview with Mark Hendrikx

by Mike Andrews Jr

Today we have an interview with Mark Hendrikx. He is a filmmaker and  an At-Home Dad to a 2 year old boy and lives in London. He helps run the Dads & Littluns group in London and is a very active dad in the National At-Home Dad Network Community. Mark created an excellent short film titled “The Set […]

Interview with “Cuda” Marc Mitchell aka Mr. Awesome SaHD

by Mike Andrews Jr

Welcome back to Meet A Dad! Where we feature real At-Home Dads in the National At-Home Dad Network Community. It has been awhile since we have had a post here but we are back! Today we are featuring Marc Mitchell who we all know in the S@HD community as Cuda. Cuda has been a major […]

Interview with Michael Bryant

by Mike Andrews Jr

This week, we have Michael Bryant from The Purposeful Pappy. On top of maintaining his own blog and awesome Instagram account,he has also been featured on Mamalode. An all around great guy and somebody I enjoy interacting with. Where to find him: Web:  http://thepurposefulpappy.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepurposefulpappy Twitter: https://twitter.com/purposefulpappy How many kids do you have and what are their […]

Interview with Ray McCoy

by Mike Andrews Jr

Been awhile since I have been able to get these out but we all have been busy this summer. Now that it is almost over and the convention is right around the corner, it’s time to get back to work! Today we have an interview with Ray McCoy from Daddy’s Nook! Ray is an at […]

Interview with Kevin ‘Spike’ Zelenka

by Mike Andrews Jr

Today, we are featuring Kevin ‘Spike’ Zelenka from Double Trouble Daddy.  He has been an at home dad since his twin sons were born 16 months ago and lives in Las Vegas where he helps bring other local dads together with playgroups in his area. You can check him out on Facebook and at his blog, DoubleTroubleDaddy.com If you are a […]

Interview with Bryan Alkire

by Mike Andrews Jr

First up is Bryan Alkire, a stay at home dad of 2 years from Kalamazoo, Michigan, who went through every parents worst nightmare. You can read all about it at his blog KzooDad.com and follow him on Twitter @kzoodad. — How many kids do you have and what are their ages? I have two girls. My oldest, Ella, […]

Mother’s Day: A Day For Moms…Not Dads

by Mike Andrews Jr

It’s that time a year again. Everyone begins to get all teary eyed and wish a happy mother’s day to their stay at home dad. Wait, what? Yes this does happen. I know not that much but last year, I saw a number of people wishing happy Mother’s Day to their male friends that take […]

What is Your Legacy: The 14th Annual Fathers Conference

by Mike Andrews Jr

For the past 3 years I have been fortunate to be able to attend the Father’s Conference put on by a wonderful Detroit based organization known at the Partnership for Dads. I arrived at the Oakland Schools building here in Oakland County, Michigan at 8:30am. Once I checked in the first thing I saw was the sparkling white […]

My Experience at the 18th Annual At-Home Dads Convention

by Mike Andrews Jr

Here I am sitting in Parent Hell. Yes I am referring to that parental terror also known as Chuck E. Cheese. It has been a week since the second day of 18th Annual At-Home Dads Convention. Actually, I’m not sitting, I’m standing, chasing down kids left and right. Chuck E. just came out and, while […]