We Belong In The Kitchen

by Chris Bernholdt

Becoming a parent is a steep learning curve with none of us knowing really what it holds until we were smack in the middle of it. Being the primary caregiver goes beyond just raising the children but all of the things that come with it from homework to housework  to  childcare and cooking. In my […]

Dadvice : Temper Tantrums

by Chris Bernholdt

I thought once she moved past the terrible twos that the tantrums would subside but her threenager stage is worse than anything we had to deal with in the beginning stages of toddlerhood. Our other kids didn’t have tantrums much. My son didn’t have his first one until the very day of his second birthday. […]

Listen Up Volume #2

by B.K. Mullen

  The OWTK Radio Show returns with Episode 4! Jeff Bogle gives us not only 2 stories right from the pages of OWTK.com but also an original poem, and an excerpt called “Only I Can Talk About Me”, an original story featured in the new book “Clash Of Couples“. Listen to the new episode HERE! […]

#DadTweets of Halloween

by Greg Washington

Paladin Lucy and paladin daddy! Happy Halloween! #continuethequest #HappyHalloween pic.twitter.com/C92aH8Pvtb — Paladin Patrick (@pqhiggins) October 31, 2014 Our first Halloween, candy haul, and haunted house! pic.twitter.com/5hd74kVqaC — Nick Jaworski (@NBJaworski) November 1, 2014 my #kids before trick or treat!! @homedadnet #dadtweets pic.twitter.com/LDjczcgIYh — Michael (@thelastdad) October 31, 2014 @thelastdad @MarkatCIFF @bafromva @kabluee926 @procm2 @DarrellHumphrey here […]

Staying Healthy as a Stay At Home Dad

by RC Liley

Too many parents, after having kids, fall into the mindset that they can’t make time to exercise and are content with a sedentary lifestyle. Are you one of these parents? As a proud dad to an 11 month old girl, I get it, and know it’s hard to even think of doing anything for yourself […]

Listen Up Volume #1

by B.K. Mullen

Hey folks! B.K. Mullen here with a new weekly update for your reading and especially LISTENING pleasure! I am a Podcaster, and as such, I love listening to Pods as well. Over the past few years I have found some great shows that span an incredible reach of topics. Each week I’ll be highlighting brand […]

#DadTweets of the Week Vol. 4

by Greg Washington

Welcome to #DadTweets where we scour Twitter for the best Tweets of the week by dads to share with our readers. Found a funny or inspiring tweet? Tag us in the post with #dadtweets and @homedadnet! Fatherhood: having your heart simultaneously swell and break because mini me cries when you have to leave. #dadtweets — […]

How to Raise a Girl to be Like a Girl

by Pat Jacobs

Any day now, I will be the father of a baby girl and I’ll be honest, I’m terrified. As a stay-at-home dad, it has become soberingly clear that the responsibility of raising this little girl is resting on my overweight shoulders. I’m a boy. I have a boy. I’ve been raising my boy to be […]

19th Annual At-Home Dads Convention Breaks Records, Stereotypes

by National At-Home Dad Network

A record-breaking attendance of more than 100 stay-at-home dads from around the U.S. and Canada gathered to share stories, take part in high quality parenting education sessions, shape society’s views about the capabilities of fathers as parents and make new friends with other dads who “just get it.” “(Stay-At-Home Dads) want to be seen as capable […]

Having Daughters Means It Only Gets Better

by Jeff Bogle

First it’s this… “Oh man, you’re having a girl? Dude, you’re in trouble!” And then it’s all of this… “Oh, wait until they are crawling!” “Oh, wait until they are walking!” “Oh, wait until the terrible twos.” “Oh, wait until they start talking!” “Oh, wait until they start talking back!” “Oh man, you’re having another […]