Thank You At-Home Dads!

by Al Watts

Today we launched a new and improved website for The National At-Home Dad Network here at Hit the Comment Section and let us know what you think! The site is an extension of our mission to provide education, support and advocacy for fathers who are the primary caregivers of their children and the hard […]

Perceptions Changing?

by Shannon Carpenter

Is Mr. Mom dead?  Is the idea of a bumbling oaf of a father who doesn’t know which end the chili goes in, finally going out to pasture?  Well, probably not but at least we seem to be on the right track. Today the Wall Street Journal posted an article that, as you can imagine, […]

Hear us speak at Dad 2.0!

by National At-Home Dad Network
Dad 2.0 Summit

The National At-Home Dad Network is proud to announce board members Al Watts and Hogan Hilling will be breakout panelists at the Dad 2.0 Summit, held Jan. 31 through Feb. 2 at the Four Seasons in Houston, TX. It’s just another example of how Dad 2.0, the nation’s premiere dad blogging conference, and the National […]

National At-Home Dad Network Partnering with Dad 2.0

by National At-Home Dad Network

The National At-Home Dad Network will be partnering with the Dad 2.0 Summit, the premier dad blogger conference to be held Jan. 31 – Feb. 2, 2013 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston, TX. And, as a special gift to you this holiday season, tickets are a whopping 35% off through the National At-Home […]

Spending time with Little Beaver

by Chris Bernholdt

Finding time. My dad was always working but he always found time to spend with myself and my brothers. He played catch with me, came to my baseball games and even participated in Indian Guides and Cub Scouts with all my brothers and me. Indian Guides was a fun time for me and my dad. […]

National At-Home Dad Network Accomplishes a lot in 2012

by Al Watts

It used to be that to be a good father meant you earned enough income to support the family comfortably. But, what it means to be a good father is changing. More and more men are wanting to and are becoming more involved in household and child care duties. As at-home dads, we are role […]

Being That Dad

by Mike Bates "Domestic Engineer"

A dad who is the oddity in parenting circles (moms world) and how freaky it is, I won’t rehash what has already been hashed out. What I will hash out on is being labeled as “That Dad” in your own local youth sports arena, it’s something/somewhere/someone you don’t want to do/go/be.

We Are Not Alone Dads!

by Chris Bernholdt

Editors note:  This post was originally published by Dad N Charge on his own personal blog.  We reprint here with permission.  If you are a stay at home dad and you think you are alone, you are not and I can tell you how to get connected to other dads in your area. This past […]

When is a Lie, a LIE?

by Bruce Sallan

Who hasn’t heard or used the expression, “Oh, it’s just a white lie?” I sure have. Why do we mitigate the lie we’ve done? Are there good and bad lies? Is it wise to lie sometimes? The answer is, “Yes.” Like so much in life, there’s a grey area and that is what I’d like […]

Summer Memories

by Jonathan Long

How did that beach trip go for you this summer? I hope it went well, or better than mine went, anyway. Of course, I exaggerate. It wasn’t that bad. Cesare Pavese is famous for coining the phrase, “we do not remember days. We remember moments.” This is very true, and is going to be true […]