Huggies® Again Delivers Annual At-Home Dads Convention

by National At-Home Dad Network

We are very excited to have Huggies® back again as the title sponsor of the 19th Annual At-Home Dads Convention! Because of the support of Huggies, the annual convention for stay-at-home dads has been able to expand programming to a second day and has provided transportation for the attendees to a community service project so […]

Seattle Dads


What is the name of your dad’s group? • Seattle Stay at Home Dads (Facebook) What cities or area do you serve? • Seattle greater area (Seattle, Edmonds, Lynnwood, West Seattle, Bellevue, Everett) How many active members do you have? • 80 plus How long have you been a group? • 2.5 years. When I […]

The Power of People : Lifting Up The Millers

by Chris Bernholdt

My daughter is entering that stage of independence often known as the “I Can Do It Myself” stage. She thinks that she can do things alone and she tries, though she often fails miserably and then the tears come; frustration and anger follow with her lashing out when she finds that she can’t do it […]

5 Ways to Understand Your Stay-At-Home Spouse

by David Kepley

I have been a stay-at-home dad for two years and the most surprising thing to me are the similarities between the male and female experiences.  I will admit it, before I started staying at home, I did not think much of people who did it.  I did not look down on them for what they […]

My First Week as a Stay At Home Dad

by B.K. Mullen

Right now I am in the middle of my usual day. It’s 1:00 and most of the dishes are done, there is a load of laundry (or two) waiting for me downstairs, my 10 month old daughter Emma is passed out on the couch, and I’m going through seemingly endless online job search engines. I […]

Interview with Kevin ‘Spike’ Zelenka

by Mike Andrews Jr

Today, we are featuring Kevin ‘Spike’ Zelenka from Double Trouble Daddy.  He has been an at home dad since his twin sons were born 16 months ago and lives in Las Vegas where he helps bring other local dads together with playgroups in his area. You can check him out on Facebook and at his blog, If you are a […]