Today I’m Thankful For Health

by Mike Andrews Jr

The end is near. Over the past month I have been growing my mustache to bring awareness for men’s health and now, I am near the time to shave. Movember has had  me thinking about men’s health and how being aware of one’s health is important. With yesterday being Thanksgiving, I can honestly say I […]

Dads and Bloggers Rap for Donations to #MovemberDads

by Chris Bernholdt

As you may know from my constant facial hair updates on Facebook and Twitter and my blog about why prostate cancer hits home for me, Dads and Bloggers everywhere have teamed up to raise money for #Movember. I wrote about why I am doing it for my dad. We have endured the strange looks, the disdain from our […]

Balancing “At Home” and Home

by Dave Taylor @

Each of us has a different setup for our lives. Some of us are home 24×7, taking care of the kids while our spouse or partner is in the workforce. Others of us lead more of a dual life, sometimes being the at-home dad and other times being the entrepreneur or worker, whether it’s barely […]

Help Us, Help You

by National At-Home Dad Network

At the National At Home Dad Network you, the participants, are what drive our organization. So what we want to know is what can we do to help you as a stay-at-home dad? Do we need to offer more blog posts? More discussion forums? A bigger Annual Convention? More assistance starting and growing local dad […]

2013 Convention Wrap-Up

by National At-Home Dad Network

The National At-Home Dad Network recently wrapped up another successful convention. The 18th Annual At-Home Dads Convention Delivered by Huggies took place the weekend of Oct. 18-19 in downtown Denver. More than 70 attendees made the trip from all over the country to network with fellow at-home dads, take part in educational parenting sessions and […]

Tears of Our Fathers

by Eric @ Dad-On-The-Run

I’m watching a slideshow of other men’s families flash across the overhead projection screen in a fluorescent lit classroom in Denver, Colorado. A moment ago I was eating a cupcake topped with bacon… because that’s how (some) men do it. I watch with detached interest as little faces, little hands, big eyes and gigantic dreamers […]

What It Means To Be a Man

by Chris Bernholdt

Stay at Home Dads like myself are sick of being called babysitters. We are tired of the stink eyes at the park. We are frustrated with this belief that a man can’t be affectionate towards his kids. We are fed up with people who think dads who stay at home are babysitters and not primary […]

New Hotel Added

by National At-Home Dad Network

The SpringHill Suites Downtown Denver, the original hotel for the 18th Annual At-Home Dads Convention Delivered by Huggies® is SOLD OUT So a second hotel has been added. The Residence Inn Denver City Center is available to attendees of the convention at the special rate of $139 a night. September 17th is the last day […]

Save $25 TODAY!

by National At-Home Dad Network

You know when the weather starts getting cooler and so you put on some jeans you haven’t wore in a long time and you put your hand in the pocket and there is unexpected CASH? Well today is just like that. Today only the first 10 people to use the code Huggies25 will get $25 […]

Tire swings and quiet moments

by nealcall

It’s not often that we catch our daughter in a moment of repose. The world is too big, too exciting, too explorable for her to sit still for more than a fraction of a second. If I ask her to come and sit on my lap and tell me about her day, she comes running, gleefully, […]