Tour Of Duty

by Charles Wasleski

My Tour of Duty is over. I enlisted at the age of 28. And there were a lot of struggles along the way. Being woken up at odd hours of the day and night.  Not much sleep early on. You take naps when you can.  Sneak in a few minutes here and there. I learned […]

TechGrind II -Indispensable WordPress Blogging Tools

by Mike Bates "Domestic Engineer"

I realize these TechGrind articles are a little, no way beyond the scope of Daddying but these are things a Tech Savvy Blogging Daddy could appreciate, and many of you Blog in some sort of fashion. I started out using WordPress almost 9 3/4 years ago, I Switched to the awesomeness of Joomla but am back to […]

Convention Speakers and Sessions

by National At-Home Dad Network

The National At-Home Dad Network (formerly Daddyshome, Inc.) announces the speaker and break-out session lineup as well as a unique Friday Meet & Greet Event for the upcoming 17th Annual At-Home Dads Convention. The convention, one of the longest running national gathering for fathers, will be the weekend of Oct. 6 in the Washington, D.C. […]

Who’s your favorite kid?

by Jonathan Long

So, which one of your kids is your favorite? AH HA!!! YOU ANSWERED ME, DIDN’T YOU, YOU HORRIBLE PARENT YOU!!!! Yeah, you have a favorite.  Go ahead.  Confess it.  Nobody here is going to judge you, because they do too. It’s hard not to.  You played baseball in high school and excelled in chemistry.  You […]

Coming Home

by TwiceTheFun

We drove route 202 N from Pennsylvania to New Jersey like salmon swimming upstream to return to their place of birth.  We had both gone as far as we could from home after finishing high school, attending college in North Carolina and then even moving abroad to work for two years in Japan before finally […]

Dr. Happy and Mr. Hangry

by Jay Loenen

By Jay Van Loenen I was single for the majority of my life. Other than short relationships I had never really spent a great deal of time with the fairer sex, and therefore had not become accustomed to the very different way women have of dealing with certain things when, at 37, I finally married. […]

TechGrind I -Samsung Google Chromium Netbook

All in all this Google Netbook is everything and more you will ever need and there is no Microsoft registration keys, lengthy .exe installations, CD ROMs or drives, anywhere, period. It keeps getting better with time! Remember though, this is not Windows or even Windows xx and things are minimally different but better, and everything runs inside […]

At-Home Dads Are Not “Mr. Moms”

by National At-Home Dad Network

The unvarnished truth about at-home dads is revealed in a new study, and the media is still horribly confused. A new study from the Boston College Center for Work & Family confirms what fathers involved with The National At-Home Network have known all along: that most at-home dads make the conscience choice to be the […]

Father’s Day

by Jonathan Long

What does Father’s Day mean to you? A new tie? A day off? This year it meant a new pair of bedroom slippers to me—but not just any old bedroom slippers, ARMADILLO bedroom slippers. It goes back several years. I was asked in high school to pick out a totem animal. While everyone else was […]