How to Raise a Girl to be Like a Girl

by Pat Jacobs

Any day now, I will be the father of a baby girl and I’ll be honest, I’m terrified. As a stay-at-home dad, it has become soberingly clear that the responsibility of raising this little girl is resting on my overweight shoulders. I’m a boy. I have a boy. I’ve been raising my boy to be […]

19th Annual At-Home Dads Convention Breaks Records, Stereotypes

by National At-Home Dad Network

A record-breaking attendance of more than 100 stay-at-home dads from around the U.S. and Canada gathered to share stories, take part in high quality parenting education sessions, shape society’s views about the capabilities of fathers as parents and make new friends with other dads who “just get it.” “(Stay-At-Home Dads) want to be seen as capable […]

Having Daughters Means It Only Gets Better

by Jeff Bogle

First it’s this… “Oh man, you’re having a girl? Dude, you’re in trouble!” And then it’s all of this… “Oh, wait until they are crawling!” “Oh, wait until they are walking!” “Oh, wait until the terrible twos.” “Oh, wait until they start talking!” “Oh, wait until they start talking back!” “Oh man, you’re having another […]

The Brotherhood of the NAHDN Convention

by Carl Wilke

I’m currently in Denver, Colorado, attending the 19th annual convention of theNational At-Home Dad Network. This is my second convention, having attended my first one last year, also in Denver. While my experience last year was incredible in and of itself, attending this year as a returning member has taken it to another level. I looked […]

Farm Rich #RealLifeGood contest winners!

by Greg Washington

  Our winner is…. SAHD sandwich #reallifegood #ahdconvention #DadBloggers @CityDadsGroup #citydads @homedadnet #Dads4Oren @DadBloggers — Lorne Jaffe (@RaisingSienna) September 20, 2014 the close runner-up…. Daddy Road? #reallifegood #AHDConvention @CityDadsGroup @homedadnet @NYCDadsGroup @ChrisRoutly @Britax @AnimalJam — (Dada) Mike Heenan (@AHDMatters) September 22, 2014

Upcoming Twitter Chats with the NAHDN

by Greg Washington

Sept. 19: @HomeDadNet #AHDConvention Sept. 26: @HomeDadNet #AHDConvention Post-Convention chat Oct. 3: @AnimalJam #AnimalJam Oct. 10: @ThirdPathIns Jessica DeGroot Oct. 17th: Ryan Hamilton @DaddyDev_Ryan of DadddyDev talking about kids and code Oct 24th: RC Liley @going_dad – Going Dad #sahdfitness Oct 31st: Halloween -bye week or informal halloween chat Nov. 7th: Johnny T @Jhonnytthatsme – Johnny […]

Hanging with 103 Dads at the At-Home Dads Convention

by Dave Taylor @

Last year I spent an afternoon at the At-Home Dads Convention and enjoyed the chance to meet a number of passionate dads who had opted to stay home and raise their children while their wives focused on careers and bringing home the proverbial bacon. A role reversal from the traditional male/female roles in a family, for sure. […]

#DadTweets of the Week Vol. 3

by Greg Washington

My son now says hippopotamus or atleast tries to an it’s gotta be the funniest cute thing I’ve ever seen #icare #dadtweets — Cristiano Bonadonna (@Bonadeezy) September 11, 2014   The Boston Dads Group at Spy Pond Park in Arlington. #citydads — Boston Dads Group (@BostonDadsGroup) September 10, 2014 5 changes of socks and […]

#AHDconvention Twitter Contest Results

by Greg Washington

  and the winner is….. Enjoying the company of 80+ other at home dads at the Rockies game. #citydads #ahdconvention #hugsdelivered — The Brown Gothamite (@BrownGothamite) September 19, 2014 Runners-up Selfies #AHDConvention #hugsdelivered — Mr. Awesome SaHD (@mrawesomesahd) September 15, 2014 Selfie madness with the AHD mob. A great night even if the […]

Understanding the “New Man of the House” an At-Home Dad Network Survey

by National At-Home Dad Network

The National At-Home Dad Network partnered with Farm Rich and researchers at Chapman University to form a study to help better understand the growing population of stay-at-home dads. Preliminary results will be released at the upcoming 19th Annual At-Home Dads Convention in Denver, Colo. on September 19-20. Researchers at Chapman were interested in learning about […]