The Reality of Modern Dads?

by Chris Bernholdt

Being a stay at home dad means dealing with things you may not encounter in everyday life. It may mean that you are called “Mr. Mom,” or someone might ask if you are babysitting your kids to help mom out. What it means to me is being the best father I can be to my children. […]

Is Staying At Home Making Me Dumber?

by Chris Bernholdt

Dumber? More dumb? I am not even sure how you are supposed to say it, that is what my editorwife is for. In four years I should be ready to head back into the workforce, back to teaching kids art, if it still exists in public schools. I am more than a little scared to go […]

Hand in hand, into the great unknown

by nealcall

My daughter thinks I’m a real strong-man. She’ll saunter up, jab her finger at me, and shout, “Show me your muscles!” I squat down, roll up my sleeve, and let her feel my bicep. “Wow,” she exclaims. “Nice muscle.” Said to the guy who hasn’t weighed more than 130 pounds in years. Then she holds up her arm, […]

Balancing Act

by National At-Home Dad Network

by Jeremy Anderson I’m a dad and I work from home. This provides immeasurable freedom that you don’t get when you commute and are confined to a corporate cubicle. However, it does requires balance, self-discipline and setting boundaries. When I started working from home my kids were in elementary school and middle school. It was […]

Time To Musk Up For Father’s Day

by Chris Bernholdt

Ah, Father’s Day. The ritual ties, golf balls, and stores littered with stuff claiming that Dad Wants This! I compiled a list of cool dad stuff too. For us Stay At Home Dads, this can be a very special day. For some, it can mean one of the only days that he is getting a break from […]

I’m going to have to re-learn my ABCs

by Brandon Klinetobe

I haven’t written about this or put it on paper, but for some reason I feel compelled to do it now. Friday, May 13th 2011 was supposed to be a special day.  It was supposed to be a happy day.  It was the day I was going to meet my daughter for the first time.  It […]

How Fatherhood Changed My Mind About Hockey Fights

by Christian Toto

My college roommate and I had a bizarre pre- and post-partying ritual back in the ’90s. We’d pop in a VHS tape of “classic” hockey fights to set the mood. It wasn’t my idea, but I never objected. Friday night I took the family to a University of Denver hockey game, and the third period threatened to […]

In Praise of Breadwinning Moms

by Chris Routly
In Praise of Breadwinning Moms

My wife gets up very early, every day of the week. By the time the boys and myself are up, she is almost always already out the door and on her way to the office. She leaves so early because it means she can be done with work, and home, later in the afternoon. This […]