NYC Dads Group


What is the name of your dad’s group? NYC Dads Group What cities or area do you serve? Five New York City boroughs plus lower Westchester County and Northern New Jersey How many active members do you have? 985 How long have you been a group? 5 ½  years (6 in November) Who are the […]

How The LEGO Movie Stimulated My Intellect While Gut Punching Me Emotionally

by Lorne Jaffe

THIS BLOG CONTAINS SPOILERS SO SEE THE LEGO MOVIE ALREADY! I wasn’t prepared. Not at all. I didn’t expect to feel like The LEGO Movie spoke to me directly while offering biting social satire to tickle my media studies background. I sure wasn’t prepared for that incredibly emotional twist at the end that made my childhood flash a bit before […]

Interview with Bryan Alkire

by Mike Andrews Jr

First up is Bryan Alkire, a stay at home dad of 2 years from Kalamazoo, Michigan, who went through every parents worst nightmare. You can read all about it at his blog and follow him on Twitter @kzoodad. — How many kids do you have and what are their ages? I have two girls. My oldest, Ella, […]

Mother’s Day: A Day For Moms…Not Dads

by Mike Andrews Jr

It’s that time a year again. Everyone begins to get all teary eyed and wish a happy mother’s day to their stay at home dad. Wait, what? Yes this does happen. I know not that much but last year, I saw a number of people wishing happy Mother’s Day to their male friends that take […]

Technology, More Like Tech-NO-logy

by Robert Graves

Recently, I started thinking if Paps and I would be doing our children a disservice by not allowing them to get use to using electronics.  Like, would it make them the equivalent of someone who is an illiterate adult once they get to college?  And I’m not just talking, using Word or Excel…Paint– I’m talking technology; X-box, […]

I Told Her I Was A Stay At Home Dad, And She Laughed

by Chris Bernholdt

I feel like Rodney Dangerfield. Sometimes, I just don’t get any respect. Such is the life of a stay at home dad. We have to learn how to shine. I have met plenty of moms who think that me staying at home is such a great thing. Because let’s face it, it shouldn’t matter what […]

An Open Letter To Rap Music

by Mike Heenan

Dear Rap Music,  I’ve been known to throw my hands in the air and wave em like I just don’t care. I used to hit up your shows and you could often find me in the club, bottle full of bub, where, if your beat thumped enough and your hook looped just right I could be enticed to jump […]

What is Your Legacy: The 14th Annual Fathers Conference

by Mike Andrews Jr

For the past 3 years I have been fortunate to be able to attend the Father’s Conference put on by a wonderful Detroit based organization known at the Partnership for Dads. I arrived at the Oakland Schools building here in Oakland County, Michigan at 8:30am. Once I checked in the first thing I saw was the sparkling white […]

What Do Stay-At-Home Dads Do All Day?

by Al Watts

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune for a story about stay-at-home dads. The reporter asked me the usual questions: how did I become a stay-at-home dad (my wife made more money), what my typical day is like (a whirlwind I often don’t remember) and how I parent differently than my […]

L.A. Dads Group

by National At-Home Dad Network

What is the name of your dad’s group? LA Dads Group What cities or area do you serve? LA area (We would welcome anyone from Orange county, Long Beach or any of the surrounding areas to join) How many active members do you have? 198 and growing steadily How long have you been a group? […]