Mr. Mom is Dead. Should I care?

by Shannon Carpenter

Mr. Mom is dead!  It has been declared!  Don’t worry boys, we can all just take the day off.  I am going fishing, perhaps drink while I do it and then I will imagine myself flying a F16 fighter jet with Ice as my wing man.  Ladies love fighter pilots. As most everyone of us […]

18th Annual At-Home Dads Convention will be 2-day event

by National At-Home Dad Network
2010 Convention

The 18th Annual At-Home Dads Convention is set for October 18-19* in Denver, and, for the first time the event will feature two days of official content. The convention will be held at the Tivoli Building on the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver, and the National At-Home Dad Network, which runs the conference, is excited […]

1983 was Mr. Mom’s Year; 2013 it’s Dad’s

by Chris Bernholdt

Back in 1983, the cell phone on the left was the norm but so was calling a dad who stays at home a “Mr. Mom.” Looking at the two cell phones in a side by side comparison, we have come pretty far. As cell phones have evolved, so have the roles of fathers in their […]

Term “Mr. Mom” Dealt Blow at Dad 2.0 Summit

by National At-Home Dad Network
Mr. Mom is Dead!

The National At-Home Dad Network spent much of the time at the Dad 2.0 Summit last week encouraging dads and brands to help it abolish the term “Mr. Mom.” Red buttons with a slash through the words “Mr. Mom” were passed out and worn proudly by many conference participants. Many signed the pledge promising not […]

Dad 2.0 Summit Delivers

by Al Watts
Video screen

In today’s social media world, there is still nothing that beats a good old-fashioned hand shake. Or a hug. As a stay-at-home dad for the last 10 years, I have felt isolated at times. Even in a house full of kids, it can be very lonely as an at-home parent. No matter how hard I […]

“Mr. Mom?” Just Call Us “Dad”

by National At-Home Dad Network
“Mr. Mom” Go To Hell!

The National At-Home Dad Network is putting an end to “Mr. Mom.” Following a recent Wall Street Journal story that declared “Mr. Mom is dead,” The National At-Home Network is launching a campaign to remove the 30-year-old term from parenting circles, social discussions and the media forever. The organization is encouraging the media and the […]

Thank You At-Home Dads!

by Al Watts

Today we launched a new and improved website for The National At-Home Dad Network here at Hit the Comment Section and let us know what you think! The site is an extension of our mission to provide education, support and advocacy for fathers who are the primary caregivers of their children and the hard […]

Perceptions Changing?

by Shannon Carpenter

Is Mr. Mom dead?  Is the idea of a bumbling oaf of a father who doesn’t know which end the chili goes in, finally going out to pasture?  Well, probably not but at least we seem to be on the right track. Today the Wall Street Journal posted an article that, as you can imagine, […]