10 Ways St. Patrick’s Day is Different With Kids

by Chris Bernholdt

I’m not Irish but I was adopted into everything Gaelic on a technicality. My best friend from college, Tracy Gilbert, no that doesn’t sound Irish at all, and I used to frequently attend many a night at Vaughn’s Pub in Chicago. I was easily the tallest guy in there and the Irish guys off the […]

My 2 Year Old Is Addicted to Video Games

by Chris Bernholdt

When I was a kid, my parents didn’t follow the norm. Most of my friends had Atari. Some of them had Coleco Vision and I had a gaming system created by Bally, the same company that made pinball machines.  No one I knew ever heard of the games my brothers and I played so when my friends […]

Stuff Dads Say : By Mark Vander Ley

by National At-Home Dad Network
dad authors

Mark Vander Ley is a Christian husband, father, and therapist. He is passionate about helping parents navigate the sometimes-difficult path of parenthood.  Check out his new book caled Stuff Dads Say : The Most Important Messages From Dad. For the next few days his book will be available FREE as a downloadable Kindle version.

Learn As We Teach

by Scotty Schrier
Scotty Schrier: Learn as we teach

A while back, I talked about my son schooling me. And it seems like he’s taking the old man back to school again. Well, it’s not like he’s teaching me any grand new lessons or anything. No, my two-year old took me back to 1992 for some remedial relearning. He reminded me of a time […]

Dad Bloggers Won’t Let Big Brands Forget About Dads

by Chris Bernholdt

When big brands make the mistake of counting out dads, dad bloggers have let them know that they are not OK with it. Playskool’s recent slip up on Twitter asking “Does Dad ever have a day where he is in charge?” is another example of big brands counting out the growing number of dads who […]

Mr. Mom is Dead. Should I care?

by Shannon Carpenter

Mr. Mom is dead!  It has been declared!  Don’t worry boys, we can all just take the day off.  I am going fishing, perhaps drink while I do it and then I will imagine myself flying a F16 fighter jet with Ice as my wing man.  Ladies love fighter pilots. As most everyone of us […]

18th Annual At-Home Dads Convention will be 2-day event

by National At-Home Dad Network
2010 Convention

The 18th Annual At-Home Dads Convention is set for October 18-19* in Denver, and, for the first time the event will feature two days of official content. The convention will be held at the Tivoli Building on the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver, and the National At-Home Dad Network, which runs the conference, is excited […]

1983 was Mr. Mom’s Year; 2013 it’s Dad’s

by Chris Bernholdt

Back in 1983, the cell phone on the left was the norm but so was calling a dad who stays at home a “Mr. Mom.” Looking at the two cell phones in a side by side comparison, we have come pretty far. As cell phones have evolved, so have the roles of fathers in their […]