Education, the Daily Deal?

School starts for us in two weeks,  seems like just yesterday when Dakota and I flew to Wisconsin for his extended holiday away from home and his parents. The school year starts and seems to end earlier and earlier each year, then there are those monthly in-service days at school.  What do you think goes on during […]

Are You a Bobblehead Dad?

by Al Watts

Jim Higley loved collecting bobbleheads when he was a kid. He got a tickle in his stomach every time one of the spring-loaded smiling heads of his bobbleheads would jiggle. He spent more time than he cares to admit trying to get the head to bob for as long as possible. When Jim became an […]

SAHD, Day 1

by Shannon Carpenter

So you’ve decided to become a stay at home dad!  Congratulations on your new career choice.  You’ve told the old boss good luck, you’ve discussed things with your wife, and you have totally realized that from this point on you will never be able to poop in private again.  Good for you. You get up […]

The Importance of “The Wives”

by Aknapitsch

I’m blessed with a good-sized circle of friends.  Work friends, friends from church, friends in our neighborhood, etc.  Despite all this, some of my most valuable friendships are those with the other wives from playgroup.  We call ourselves the “Sugar Mommas”.  It’s an interesting group.  We’ve got a wide variety of ages, careers, interests, personalities […]

Fast and Easy Homemade Pizza

by David White

As a full-time SAHD, I often find myself stuck with some undesirable tasks.  One task that falls into our laps sometimes is cooking.  I don’t always cook dinner, but my wife sure does like to come home on busy days and not have to worry with cooking.  It’s so hard to find quick, simple, and […]

Evolution of Daddy’s Driving

by Charles Wasleski

I know how it is when you are young and full of energy. Full of vim and vigor. Bursting at the seams. Just waiting to get out there.  Show off for your friends.  Impress the girls.  Scare your parents. You just got your drivers license. You get in the car.  Fasten your seat belt. Wave […]

Life-Altering: The 16th Annual At-Home Dads Convention

by Al Watts

Life-altering, that’s what the At-Home Dads Convention is. Very few moments in our lives are truly life-altering. The first day you drove a car by yourself, the first time you met your wife, the first time your daughter grasped your pinky finger in her tiny hand. These are life-altering events from which you will never […]

Registration Now Open

by Shannon Carpenter

You should go to the stay at home dad convention.  That doesn’t sound very convincing then.  Ok the, let’s try to do the whole Moses coming down from the mountain top then. YOU SHOULD GO TO THE CONVENTION AND LEARN HOW TO BE A BETTER FATHER.  GO, YOUNG GENTLEMEN, GO AND BE EDUCATED! Much better. […]