What Are We?

by Shannon Carpenter

Am I a stay at home dad, a SAHD?  Well, I do stay home with the children rather than go to a job that I get underpaid at and a Corvette is not a company car.  But I’ll  admit, the acronym summons up thoughts of a very melancholy person that is filed with remorse and […]

A Father’s Challenge

by CPhillips

The other day I was at the park with my four year old son, Connor, another dad and his two kids. We dads were keeping an appropriately watchful eye on them as they raced and scaled their away around the jungle gym. Simultaneously, my dad friend and I were in a deep discussion over the […]

Dear Mom, Ole’ Henry is still out there

by Msager

Dear Mom, Ole’ Henry is still out there Claire and I went fishing last weekend. She is always asking to do something again. “Can we go fishing again, can we go to that one park again, can we go to Disney World again?” I am happy that fishing falls near the top of the list. […]

Boys Where Prohibited

by Mbecker

Sunday afternoon I was performing my normal duties as unpaid taxi driver when something was said that made me stop and realize that not everyone is as old as I am. My daughter, Madison was riding “shotgun” because she is now old enough to do so. She had switched off my “80’s on 8″(for those […]

Missed Communication

by Al Watts

One of the toughest things about being a parent, for me, is the loss of time with my wife. We agreed over 15 years ago to spend our entire lives together… and then we had kids. Now we are lucky to be able to speak to each other for five minutes. I’m not sure if […]

Just Do It

by Mike Bates "Domestic Engineer"

The All Pro Dad Breakfast, http://www.allprodad.com/, is a monthly breakfast meeting of profound impact. Dads and kids will meet, share breakfast, watch a video and have a discussion within the school atmosphere where a Dad is all to often not present because of work obligations. I initiated this process and was in the Principal’s Office more than when I was in school! I will be giving a reakout sessions at the upcoming AtHomeDad Convention on my All Pro Dad experiences.

Time Away is Good…it Just Throws You off Your Routine

by Mbecker

Ok, the one thing I have been saying is that I would be consistent with my blogging and I really have a desire to be that way and make a go of this blog, but there are many things that get in the way. I give a lot of credit to those bloggers that have […]

Dear mom I am Claire’s Teddy Bear

by Msager

Dear mom I am Claire’s Teddy Bear When Claire was born I had prepared for the event by purchasing four pink blankets. They were all cotton and they were soft and cuddly and I was sure they would be the perfect blanket for her when she needed something to comfort here. I had this vision […]

Get out of the pantry

by Al Watts

Many at-home dads are like Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations:” we are reclusive and rarely venture outside of our homes. We try to do everything ourselves and we don’t think we need any help. The idea of going to a playgroup or dad’s night out with other “loser at-home dads” seems ridiculous. Busting […]


by Shannon Carpenter

I resent the smartphone.  There, I said it.  I don’t care what anyone thinks of me.  I don’t care how many hateful comments that I get.  I don’t care if a bunch of Iphone users come to my home and give me a Code Red like Full Metal Jacket.  But a piece of advice brothers, […]