Role Reversal

by Shannon Carpenter

The total role reversal of this is not lost on me.  It would be almost comical if it wasn’t dragging feelings of inadequacy on my part. My wife starts a new job today thus enabling the kids and I to continue to stalk Dora the Explorer on every channel she might ever appear on.  I […]

The Tantrum

by Charles Wasleski

All in all it was a good day. Until the tantrum. We had friends over.  We have had them over before. You all know Hossman.  And the Minions: Little Hoss and Bubba Hoss. Monkey loves it when they come over. So far it was a rough day. I tried to sleep in.  But The Warden […]

How You Can Help

by fleetsuper

Hello Daddyshome members and friends, it’s been awhile since I last posted to the blog.  I have been very busy with the business of Daddyshome and with the many volunteer activities I do in my community and some unfortunate events in my personal life.  Since this is my first post of 2011 I want to […]

Planning a Dad’s Night Out

by Mike Bates "Domestic Engineer"

So if you are new with your group and are concerned with your numbers, don’t be. Just persevere with the knowledge that you are connecting with some Dads and your number is better than zero! After all our national AtHomeDads Convention brings in less than 200 every year, nationwide, and is growing thanks to sites like this.

Spending My Wife’s Money

by Al Watts

In the 8 years of being an at-home dad and bringing in almost no money for our family I have never had a problem spending the money my wife earned. Until this Christmas. My wife told me that for this Christmas she wanted to get me a new TV. It would be the first flat […]

Web Wanderings

by GWashington

~Let’s start with a good piece of advice: Tell strong-willed toddlers what they should DO ~25 Internet Slang Terms All Parents Should Know Do you know what these terms mean? Your kids may! ~Dads: Not Just Back-up Mommys Written for Father’s Day but remains relevant. ~Homeland security’s tips for keeping kids safe online mostly obvious, […]

Proud Papa and Spoiled “brats”

by RFarrell

“Is that all there is?” The dreaded statement heard from children all over the country around the early afternoon of Christmas day. This can become a tense situation that makes parents feel inadequate and a bit distressed. I say distressed because, when hearing their child say this, most parents immediately wonder why it is that […]

Battle of The Wii

by Charles Wasleski

One is crying. One is yelling. The Wii is in the middle. As I come out of the hallway, I see it.   The battle of the Wii. Princess has a controller.  Monkey has a controller. I see no problem.   But why is my nice morning sleep being interrupted by yelling? Here’s how it […]

The Bad Witch

by Shannon Carpenter

I am the bad witch and my dragon is a vacuum cleaner. I know, it sounds like I’m hitting the LSD pretty hard as I listen to “Lucy In The Sky.”  But I am not.  I am totally serious. I am the bad witch and my dragon is the vacuum cleaner.  I am the bad […]