20 Questions, 5 Year Old Style

by RFarrell

“Dad, what is metal made out of?” “Dad, where do babies come from.” “Hey Dad, why is water wet?” These are just a few of the questions being offered up by my wonderful, 5-year old as of late. There are so many special moments that I, as a father, don’t ever want to forget as […]

Buckles, Boosters and Backseats – Oh My!

by Aknapitsch

According to the CDC1, the most common cause of death for kids in the United States is injury from a motor vehicle collision. We spend time worrying about kidnapping, shark attacks, H1N1 and tick bites, but the van in our driveway is the real threat. I’m not a car seat fanatic by accident. Riding in […]

Web Wanderings November 2010

by GWashington

~Top 10 Time-Saving, MacGyver-Style Cleaning Tricksyou’ll need these at some point ~Top 50 More Acronyms Every Parent Should Know a followup from my last post…these are important to know guys! ~Kids Health If you’re looking for information you can trust about kids and teens that’s free of “doctor speak,” click above ~What they play: A […]

Rock It Like a Hurricane

by Shannon Carpenter

I push a stroller.  Check that.  I rock a stroller.  I rock that 4 wheeled double seating behemoth like a mofo.  I rock that thing like Mick Jagger rocks a stadium.  I rock my stoller like  Takeru Kobayashi rocks a hot dog (he’s the Japanese hot dog eating champ.)  I have put all pretenses aside brothers, […]

Losing a Loved One

by Al Watts

Originally posted on Momaha.com Tears stained the lenses of my 8-year-old’s red-rimmed glasses. “I don’t want him to go away!” she sobbed. She buried her face into my chest. “I know,” I said. Love is a strange thing. We often don’t understand exactly how it happens. But we know when it does, especially when we […]

Raising Twins

by Joe Agro

Although parenting is considered by most to be a woman’s realm, there is a growing movement toward the acceptance of dads raising their children.  And, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already seen a cultural shift in family dynamics.  More men are becoming their family’s primary caretaker (or at least taking a more active parenting […]

A is better than a B, or is it?

by Mbecker

Ok, so last week my oldest was in the middle of middle school basketball tryouts. She made the A team last year as a seventh grader. That whole week I kept running down the girls and thinking about where she would get placed. Figured she would make the A team, but just was hoping that […]

Potty Training

by Aknapitsch

When my oldest was a baby, I thought I was interested in early potty training. Others would tell me that early potty training trains parents not children. I didn’t care! If I had to remind him every hour for a year, I would have done it to get the poop in the potty. Unfortunately, my […]

Web Wanderings

by GWashington

As an avid web-surfer, I come across many links that help me everyday as a daddy.  I will use my new bully pulpit to share these links and hopefully get some good feedback in return. ~Let’s start with Lifehacker’s list of  The Best Things to Buy in OctoberLifehacker is one of my favorite sites, you […]