So You Want To Be a New Cub Scout Leader?


Scouting just isn’t for the kids, it takes an active parent in scouting and you need parents help at the meetings to share the wealth. So if you are a parent, please consider being an active part of scouting, this way you get input on planned activities and input on the Packs workings. So, either grin and take what comes with the program or be there and be involved with the Pack. Did I fail to mention that you also get to wear a cool uniform?

Wanted: Guest Bloggers

by Shannon Carpenter

You are a rockstar.  I know it.  You know it.  The only problem is, the rest of the world doesn’t know it.  It’s tough, believe me I understand.  I often walk around my house eating my pop tarts wondering why I don’t have any groupies at my front door.  And where is the paparazzi?  Shouldn’t […]

4 Kids and 7 Years Ago………

by Al Watts

4 kids and 7 years ago I became an at-home dad and I never could have imagined the way my life is today back then. 4 kids and 7 years ago I never thought I would have 4 kids 7 years later. 4 kids and 7 years ago I was called “Mr. Mom” for the […]

Welcome To the Blog

by fleetsuper

Hello and welcome to the new Daddyshome Blog, my name is Mike Stilwell and I am a stay at home father! Besides my primary job as a stay at home dad to my 3 children, I’m also the president of Daddyshome, Inc. a nonprofit by and for stay at home fathers. Daddyshome is here to […]