What I have in common with Barack Obama

by Al Watts

Barack Obama is an attorney from Harvard who is pretty good at basketball and has recently kicked his smoking habit. I am an 8 year at-home dad from Iowa State who can rarely hit a jump shot and have never smoked since my asthma already sufficiently limits my capacity to breath. There is one thing […]

The Scare

by Why Is Daddy Crying?

This past week the wife and I had “the scare.” You know…the one where you realize it’s been a while since the wife had her monthly visitor and there could be a little something brewing in the oven. Yeah…that’s the one. We already have two little bastards – a six-year-old girl who can have you […]

Let’s All Make Assumptions

by Shannon Carpenter

I was talking to my sister, a SAHM.  She was excited because she knows a SAHD now just like her big brother.  She says he’s a great guy and the kids seem to get along really well.  She said she was about to give him her number so that they could do some playdates together […]

If An Acronym Defines Me, I’m a WAHSAHD

by Telling Dad

Yes, I’m a work-at-home, stay-at-home dad. And no, this doesn’t mean I’m holding a tin cup full of pencils. Not because I couldn’t use the extra money, but because my children manage to lose anything and everything that might be useful for work or soliciting. Pens, pencils, jump drives. If I need it, it’ll disappear. […]

Battling Depression at Home

by Charles Wasleski

Depression is nothing to take lightly. It runs in families and destroys lives. Turns bad thoughts into bad actions. Most people hear about Postpartum Depression. Where soon after childbirth, the mother has thoughts of hurting herself or her baby. This can happen to men too.  Another is Bipolar Depression or Manic Depression. This is where […]

For Dads, Community Outreach is Key

by lsomerfeld

From the Desk of: NYC Dads Group Re: Community Outreach is Vital There are many avenues for moving the conversation forward about the changing image of fatherhood….lead by example!  Beyond being an active and engaged parent, most of us realize that one necessary way is to form a strong community or network of dads in […]

Stay APPS Home Dad

by Mike Bowling

Admit it folks. We’ve all been there. Stuck in line at the DMV and you’ve got two kids that are post-morning-snack pre-lunch-meal and a long line with the end of it happening in about 2014. For those of us lucky enough to have a smartphone (hopefully with a fully charged battery) its time to hit […]