Proud Papa and Spoiled “brats”

by RFarrell

“Is that all there is?” The dreaded statement heard from children all over the country around the early afternoon of Christmas day. This can become a tense situation that makes parents feel inadequate and a bit distressed. I say distressed because, when hearing their child say this, most parents immediately wonder why it is that […]

Battle of The Wii

by Charles Wasleski

One is crying. One is yelling. The Wii is in the middle. As I come out of the hallway, I see it.   The battle of the Wii. Princess has a controller.  Monkey has a controller. I see no problem.   But why is my nice morning sleep being interrupted by yelling? Here’s how it […]

The Bad Witch

by Shannon Carpenter

I am the bad witch and my dragon is a vacuum cleaner. I know, it sounds like I’m hitting the LSD pretty hard as I listen to “Lucy In The Sky.”  But I am not.  I am totally serious. I am the bad witch and my dragon is the vacuum cleaner.  I am the bad […]

“Mr. Mom” Go To Hell!

by Al Watts
“Mr. Mom” Go To Hell!

I’ve determined that journalists, in general, are stupid. Last time I checked it was 2010. Being an at-home dad is nothing new anymore. In fact it is the fastest growing trend in parenting; dads taking care of the kids while mom works. And almost every news story about at-home dads asks, “So you’re a Mr. […]

Rear-facing Manifesto

by Aknapitsch

Okay manifesto might be a bit strong, but I’m back to tackle the rear-facing issue. Before, I start, I realize that many of you think I’m nuts. Give me three minutes of your time and read this with an open mind. Pretty please? Before I had kids of my own, one year olds were my […]

Achieving a Successful Dads Group

by lsomerfeld

Being a part of a community of involved fathers has been one of the most meaningful and necessary things for me as an at-home dad.  So here is my pitch to tell dads who are not already in a dads group – it’s time to join one or start one of your own.  For those of […]

Are You A Stay At Home Dad?

by Al Watts

The 2010 U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that there are 154,000 at-home dads. They’re wrong. By a lot. The reason is in how they define a stay at home dad: a father with children at home who earns no income in the previous year or tries to earn income in the previous year or wished […]

A Strong Arm That Sucks

by Mike Bates "Domestic Engineer"

Yesterday,  I was in a Facebook Chat session with a neighborhood Mom who has a daughter in the same grade as my son when she mentioned she was considering open enrollment for her kids next school year. Of course I  asked why she would do such a thing because our elementary school ranks in the […]

20 Questions, 5 Year Old Style

by RFarrell

“Dad, what is metal made out of?” “Dad, where do babies come from.” “Hey Dad, why is water wet?” These are just a few of the questions being offered up by my wonderful, 5-year old as of late. There are so many special moments that I, as a father, don’t ever want to forget as […]