Where Are They Now.

by Charles Wasleski

We all have them. Some of us are in denial. No, it doesn’t matter that you friended them on Facebook. Or they sent you a message on MYSPACE. They are gone.  Lost to time and relative space. These are the friends that you grew up with. You spent the night at their house. You tormented […]

Surviving Stitches and Other Painful Procedures

by Aknapitsch

Some of my least favorite Mom moments are at the intersection of my roles as mom and physician.  I work hard to be “just” my kid’s Mom when they are sick or injured but it’s impossible to completely separate out the pediatrician part of me.  We most recently landed there when I got a text […]

Discussion:Proposed Law Would Ban Infant Circumcisions in San Francisco

by GWashington

Proposed Law Would Ban Infant Circumcisions in San Francisco “San Francisco resident Lloyd Schofield said Thursday he is ‘on track’ to have enough signatures to place his proposed measure on the November ballot that would make it illegal to ‘circumcise, excise, cut or mutilate the foreskin, testicle or penis of another person who has not […]

Don’t Ask, Don’t Dwell

by A Man Called Da-Da

Whenever anyone asks how his boys — Bronko and Nagurski, aged three and five — are, Da-da says, “LOUD.” But that doesn’t begin to illustrate the preternaturally unrestrained CLAWING, wrestling and hooliganism going on at our domestic gulag. The boys vacillate from brief moments (about two seconds) of cute and happy and wondrous — and […]

Being the Domestic Engineer

by Mike Bates "Domestic Engineer"

So in wrapping this up, being a Stay at Home Dad is a whole lot more than just doing diapers and dishes non-stop, it’s a way of lives plural, what you put into it isn’t even close to what you will eventually get out of it.

The possibilities are endless!

What I Love And Hate About Cooking For My Family

by John Donohue

I love cooking for my family so much that I decided to write a book about it called, “Man with a Pan: Culinary Adventures of Fathers who Cook for their Families.” But as in any rewarding relationship, there are a multitude of emotions. I’m also angry and frustrated, but I suppose if we’re being honest, that describes […]

Things My Children Have Destroyed

by RFarrell

When I started this blog today I wanted to come up with some cute, quippy-type of post. But then I decided to let real life just write this for itself, for it’s true, truth is stranger than fiction. Things my children have destroyed: When I got married I had nice things in my house. Nothing […]

What I have in common with Barack Obama

by Al Watts

Barack Obama is an attorney from Harvard who is pretty good at basketball and has recently kicked his smoking habit. I am an 8 year at-home dad from Iowa State who can rarely hit a jump shot and have never smoked since my asthma already sufficiently limits my capacity to breath. There is one thing […]

The Scare

by Why Is Daddy Crying?

This past week the wife and I had “the scare.” You know…the one where you realize it’s been a while since the wife had her monthly visitor and there could be a little something brewing in the oven. Yeah…that’s the one. We already have two little bastards – a six-year-old girl who can have you […]