The Importance of Dad’s Night Out

by lsomerfeld

Most dads groups around the country have some form of a dads’ night out – sporting events, camping trip, fishing, dinner out, bowling, or hanging out in someone’s man-cave. If you are a new group who haven’t ventured to do it yet or an existing group that haven’t done it in a while, it’s time […]

Jump-Rope-a-Thon is a priority, according to my dad!

by Mbecker

Well, for the first time I had to make a decision to have my daughter skip a basketball game in favor of her dance team practice. Did I like to make this decision…no. Was it the right decision…yes. I say it was the right decision, but I am not sure I really believe that. For […]

Blogging the Word, Bringing It On and Being Awesome

In order to Bring It On With Style you need to practice what you preach, you got the time, and you got the motivation every time you look down and see that precious smile and those eyes. Just do it! Soon you will develop your speech and have your standard opening, standard closing to the point where you just have to tweak the content to your audience with an accompanying slideshow

Guest Blog: The Value of a Good Library and a Good Librarian

by Chris Singer

I love saying “We have a monthly story time for the local chapter of the National Organization of Stay at Home Dads.” It sounds so cool when you say it out loud, and people’s faces just light up when they hear it. It is cool, for so many reasons, not the least of which parents […]

Scooby-Doo and the Tradgedy of Fake Ghosts

by Breid

One of the great threads tying together generations of parents and kids is Scooby-Doo, which has been a mainstay of television from 1969 until today. Amazingly, the gang and their dog are still pumping out original shows, and the only animated series with more episodes is the Simpsons. My kids have now stumbled onto Scooby-Do0, […]

How To Cook A HotDog

by Shannon Carpenter

Welcome to the world of the Stay At Home Dads or as I like to call it, Thunderdome. When I was a new stay at home dad, I had no idea what I was doing.  I’ll admit it, I can man up and take the blow.  I was ignorant about all things kids.  That’s not […]


by Randy Holt

The other day at play group, a few of us dads got to talking about school and the choices we have for our kids.  There are three basic choices available to families when choosing schools: public, private, and home schooling.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each.  And seeing as we have members of our […]

Dear Mom Teddy Bears are PETA friendly

by Msager

Dear Mom Teddy Bears are PETA friendly I am thinking of starting a Teddy Bear farm. Why you may ask? Because Teddy Bears are PETA friendly. Last Christmas I was standing in line with my little girl Claire. The two women in front of us evidently were acquaintances and were catching up after not seeing […]

So You Want To Be a New Cub Scout Leader?


Scouting just isn’t for the kids, it takes an active parent in scouting and you need parents help at the meetings to share the wealth. So if you are a parent, please consider being an active part of scouting, this way you get input on planned activities and input on the Packs workings. So, either grin and take what comes with the program or be there and be involved with the Pack. Did I fail to mention that you also get to wear a cool uniform?

Wanted: Guest Bloggers

by Shannon Carpenter

You are a rockstar.  I know it.  You know it.  The only problem is, the rest of the world doesn’t know it.  It’s tough, believe me I understand.  I often walk around my house eating my pop tarts wondering why I don’t have any groupies at my front door.  And where is the paparazzi?  Shouldn’t […]