Crying wolf, and the middle finger

by RFarrell

My 3rd grader has had to deal with a bunch of new things in the past three years of elementary school.  His innocence is slowly beginning to fade as a result.  One of the prime issues he’s having lately is that of lying.  He could lie to the Pope if needed.  This is a problem. […]


by lsomerfeld

 STARTING Your Local Group  Set up an Internet site for your group.  At a minimum, set up an email account so people can contact you. You can set up a free blog with WordPress or Blogger, or a website with for a small fee.  You can also use Yahoo or Google groups to set […]

Love What Your Kids Love, Part 2

by Mbecker

Ok, I really wanted to get back to something I started talking about a couple of weeks ago. I got off track, but that was ok with me, because the message was good, but I knew I wanted to get back to this, so here we are. About 4 years ago, both of my girls […]

All Pro Dad Presentation

by Mike Bates "Domestic Engineer"

For those of you who missed my presentation at the conference, it is here.  This link wasn’t meant to drive traffic away from this site or anything,  I am just tired from the weekend of traveling and I got a full slate of volunteer work this week that’s going to keep me hopping and I don’t want […]

What I Learned At the SAHD Convention

by Shannon Carpenter
16th Annual At-Home Dads Convention, October 8, 2011, Washington, DC

So you didn’t get a chance to make it to the 15th annual SAHD convention?  No problem.  I got you covered. This is what I leared at the 15th Annual SAHD Convention: That to parent effectively, I have to keep the situaiton from escalating above my “emotional” line. That if you open a bar tab, […]

“Home, Away” is a Homerun

by Al Watts

Our 3-year old son has recently become obsessed with baseball. It actually started with him being forced to watch music videos of High School Musical 2 that his older sisters played over and over and over again. One of them, “I Don’t Dance” features a baseball game in the video (frankly the song should be […]

At-Home Dads, it’s Time to Stand Up!

by Al Watts

As at-home dads, we are called, “Mr. Mom,” considered lazy because we don’t have jobs and often are thought of as less than manly. And most of us know this is total crap. There are thousands of at-home dad bloggers out there complaining about this time or that time when they were discriminated against by […]

What Are We?

by Shannon Carpenter

Am I a stay at home dad, a SAHD?  Well, I do stay home with the children rather than go to a job that I get underpaid at and a Corvette is not a company car.  But I’ll  admit, the acronym summons up thoughts of a very melancholy person that is filed with remorse and […]

A Father’s Challenge

by CPhillips

The other day I was at the park with my four year old son, Connor, another dad and his two kids. We dads were keeping an appropriately watchful eye on them as they raced and scaled their away around the jungle gym. Simultaneously, my dad friend and I were in a deep discussion over the […]

Dear Mom, Ole’ Henry is still out there

by Msager

Dear Mom, Ole’ Henry is still out there Claire and I went fishing last weekend. She is always asking to do something again. “Can we go fishing again, can we go to that one park again, can we go to Disney World again?” I am happy that fishing falls near the top of the list. […]