Web Wanderings

by GWashington

~Let’s start off with some drugs: Teaching Kids How To Swallow A Pill ~Grab your hand sanitizer!: Carts one of dirtiest places in grocery store, study says 72% of the carts had a positive marker for fecal bacteria. Yikes!!! ~Notice the super market trips getting more pricey?  Here are 10 Tips to Save Money on […]

The Earnestness of Being Important

by Captain Dad

I sympathize with those supposedly vapid housewives circa 1960. It’s not that they were vapid, they just sounded that way. I know because I’m becoming one of them, except with chest hair. My wife comes home at night with talk of her day, meeting Very Important People and talking about Very Important Things. Even the […]

Note to Parents: Get off the Cell Phone

by Al Watts

Originally posted on Momaha.com. The other day I received the following note from our son’s preschool: “Dear Parents, We would like to address an issue that we feel very strongly about… cell phones. We are asking that when dropping off or picking up children or attending an event here, you refrain from being on your […]

At Home Dad’s Guide To Garage Sales

by Mfreyermuth

Garage sale season is upon us so here are some helpful hints and guidelines for your bargain hunting.  Everyone needs to stretch their budget a little these days and what better way to do that than to hit some garage sales to pick up some items for your family. First off you need to be […]

Time Share Wife

by Charles Wasleski

I have a timeshare wife No, this does not mean I am on the wrong side of a Big Loveepisode. It just means that I have to share my wife with the other parts of her life. It wasn’t all at one.  This came on very gradually. After we got married, I just had to share […]

And I’m Free, I’m Free Fallin’

There was a point in our life where gravity just sucked, a point when we were trying to walk, then ride a bike, then skateboarding the skatepark.The skatepark experience could be a whole post of its own, a post I will have to write write while at the said skatepark so I can describe THAT […]

Vote For Daddyshome for Top 25 Dad Blog

by Shannon Carpenter

Boys, we’ve made a pretty good site here for the at home dad.  We’ve come far, much farther than most of us could have hoped for.  When I first started the at home dad gig, there weren’t many places to go to get support or knowledge.  I needed both.   I needed to know that […]

The Smells of Parenthood

by RFarrell

Have you ever taken a moment to step back and ponder the smells of parenthood? The feeling of dread when you watch your children eat certain foods, knowing you’re going to have to clean that up later. I have. Have you ever been sitting in the car on a hot, summer day and all of […]