Interview with “Cuda” Marc Mitchell aka Mr. Awesome SaHD

by Mike Andrews Jr

Welcome back to Meet A Dad! Where we feature real At-Home Dads in the National At-Home Dad Network Community. It has been awhile since we have had a post here but we are back! Today we are featuring Marc Mitchell who we all know in the S@HD community as Cuda. Cuda has been a major […]

Why I Will Always Fight Against Mr. Mom

by Chris Bernholdt
Oren Miller Family

There are two camps when it comes to the term Mr. Mom. There are those who are opposed to everything it stands for and there are those who aren’t bothered by it at all. I’m not talking about the movie but the fact that the moniker is associated with any man who decided to stay […]

Dads Rally to Change Amazon Mom to Amazon Family

by National At-Home Dad Network

A Facebook group of dad bloggers, of which we are members, is trying to get Amazon to change their parenting program, Amazon Mom, to Amazon Family. The campaign, begun March 3, has taken off on social media at #AmazonFamilyUS with moms and dads calling on Amazon to make the change like they have in many other […]

Similac Welcomes Dads to the Sisterhood of Motherhood

by Chris Bernholdt

If you’re confused by the title of this blog, you aren’t alone. In advertising there are brands that clearly value dads and see the importance of including them in all things related to parenthood.  Brands like Dove Men + Care, Toyota, and NyQuil have seen the light and have produced such great ads that my […]

Dallas Dads Group

by National At-Home Dad Network

What is the name of your dad’s group?– Dallas Dads Group What cities or area do you serve?– Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, Waxahachie (The Metroplex) How many active members do you have?- 40 members of which about 7 are active How long have you been a group?– Since September of 2014 Who are the […]

20 Things Only A Dad Can Do

by Carl Wilke

  Recently a mom posted a list of 15 Things Only A Mom Can Do  and I read it, fascinated to learn that I’ve been living a lie as a Stay At Home Dad for the last 13+ years. According to her blog, I’m actually a mom. Who knew? But, thanks to her entertaining and enlightening post, I […]

San Francisco Dads Group

by National At-Home Dad Network

What is the name of your dad’s group? SF Dads Group What cities or area do you serve? The San Francisco Bay Area How many active members do you have? 131 How long have you been a group? We were founded on March 19, 2014 so 8 months. Who are the organizers of your group? […]

Listen Up! Volume #3

by B.K. Mullen

It’s December! That means there’s an all new collection of awesome Kindie Rock Songs from our buddy Jeff Bogle at OWTK! This month includes new music from Gustafer Yellowgold, Brady Rymer, Lori Henriques and more! Check out OWTK Monthly’s December Episode HERE!     The Modern Dads Podcast presented by City Dad’s Group brings us […]

Are Stay-At-Home Dads a Myth?

by National At-Home Dad Network

There has been a lot of media attention lately on stay-at-home dads, most recently The New York Times.  There are some, including Elissa Strauss of The Week, who argue the attention stay-at-home dads receive does not correlate to their significance in shaping American families or affecting any real change in the way society or employers […]