Road To Raleigh Countdown : Week 1 – Hogan Hilling

by Chris Bernholdt

One week left! Stay at home dads are packing their bags and headed to Raleigh, NC next week for the largest gathering of stay at home dads anywhere. We end our #RoadToRaleigh journey with a journeyman himself, Hogan Hilling, co-author of Dads Behaving Dadly and Dads Behaving Dadly 2. The convention is about finding and […]

Road to Raleigh Countdown : Week 2 – Carlos Alden

by Chris Bernholdt

If you have been following our #RoadToRaleigh posts, you know that our feature of 20 dads in 20 weeks is almost at a close. Our 20th Annual Convention in Raleigh promises to be our biggest ever and will be filled with new dads and veterans alike learning all they can about how to be better […]

Road to Raleigh Countdown : Week 3 – Chad Welch

by Chris Bernholdt

Week 3! Wow, the momentum and anticipation are building! This week we featured Chad Welch, NAHDN board member for four years and Vice President for two years. He’s going to tell you why you won’t regret attending the convention and just how much the organization has grown over the last twenty years because of volunteers […]

American Cleaning Institute bringing important home safety message to Convention

by National At-Home Dad Network
ACI Blog Header2

We are very excited to welcome the American Cleaning Institute® (ACI), a non-profit organization dedicated to home safety, specifically laundry safety, as our Saturday lunch sponsor of the 20th Annual At-Home Dads Convention! They will be a great addition to our conference because they have an important laundry safety messages to share with all parents and […]

DinnerCall Challenges Families to Eat Together Again

by National At-Home Dad Network
DinnerCall Billion Family Dinners logo

As we approach the start of our 20th Annual At-Home Dads Convention in just over 3 weeks, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some of the unique content, events, and partnerships you can expect to see this year in Raleigh. If you hadn’t heard, September is National Family Meals Month. We all know that family […]

Road to Raleigh Countdown : Week 4 – Tim Hughes

by Chris Bernholdt

Many dads have transitioned through their role as the primary caregiver for their children and many of them have found and attended our convention to find support and meaning to help them in their journey. We have been highlighting 20 dads who have attended the convention and their stories about their experiences.  Stay at home […]