Interview with Brian Scott

by Mike Andrews Jr

1. How many kids do you have and what are their ages?  2 kids, one is 14 years and the other is 18 months. 2. Why did you become a stay at home dad?I was the primary bread winner, but I was born with scoliosis and kyphosis. As the years went on it just kept […]

7 Secrets Only Toddlers Know

by Matt Brennan

The world according to a 2-year-old is a pretty amazing place. I firmly believe that we are born with knowledge that somewhere along the line we forget. It serves us well for a few years, and then drifts away. Or maybe it is beaten out of us by cruel adult conformity. Either way, toddlers possess […]

The Stay At Home Juror

by Phil Corless

I was called for jury duty this summer. After receiving the summons, my first thought was to contact the courthouse and ask to be excused from duty. I am the primary care provider in my house, and my kids have nowhere to stay while I’m gone.But then my wife’s schedule opened up so that she […]

Interview with Mark Hendrikx

by Mike Andrews Jr

Today we have an interview with Mark Hendrikx. He is a filmmaker and  an At-Home Dad to a 2 year old boy and lives in London. He helps run the Dads & Littluns group in London and is a very active dad in the National At-Home Dad Network Community. Mark created an excellent short film titled “The Set […]

Three Ways Parents Ruin Youth Baseball

by Keith Laskey

  Ten year old baseball.  Thoughts of the “Sandlot” run through your head.  Just a bunch of kids playing ball in an empty lot.  No parents around. This is 2015.  The Sandlot is long gone, it’s a Walgreens now.  Kids rarely play by themselves anymore and certainly not unless they all have their iDevices in […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Visiting a Newborn and His/Her Family

by Tanel Jappinen

Although I have plenty of friends with little kids, I have never felt the urge to visit them straight out of hospital. This may be a guy thing or I just don’t think much of other people’s newborns. As if becoming parents wasn’t hectic enough, now people want to visit us?! Depending on you, this […]

My Fatherhood Story

by Justin Connors

I have thought about posting this for years but could never find the words. Today I just sat and wrote and the words came. This is my unconventional story of becoming a father. I walked down the quiet and empty hallway of my dorm building for the last time. My fingers lightly grazed the wall […]

Interview with “Cuda” Marc Mitchell aka Mr. Awesome SaHD

by Mike Andrews Jr

Welcome back to Meet A Dad! Where we feature real At-Home Dads in the National At-Home Dad Network Community. It has been awhile since we have had a post here but we are back! Today we are featuring Marc Mitchell who we all know in the S@HD community as Cuda. Cuda has been a major […]

Why I Will Always Fight Against Mr. Mom

by Chris Bernholdt
Oren Miller Family

There are two camps when it comes to the term Mr. Mom. There are those who are opposed to everything it stands for and there are those who aren’t bothered by it at all. I’m not talking about the movie, but the fact that the moniker is associated with any man who decided to stay […]

Dads Rally to Change Amazon Mom to Amazon Family

by National At-Home Dad Network

A Facebook group of dad bloggers, of which we are members, is trying to get Amazon to change their parenting program, Amazon Mom, to Amazon Family. The campaign, begun March 3, has taken off on social media at #AmazonFamilyUS with moms and dads calling on Amazon to make the change like they have in many other […]