An Open Letter To Rap Music

by Mike Heenan

Dear Rap Music,  I’ve been known to throw my hands in the air and wave em like I just don’t care. I used to hit up your shows and you could often find me in the club, bottle full of bub, where, if your beat thumped enough and your hook looped just right I could be enticed to jump […]

What is Your Legacy: The 14th Annual Fathers Conference

by Mike Andrews Jr

For the past 3 years I have been fortunate to be able to attend the Father’s Conference put on by a wonderful Detroit based organization known at the Partnership for Dads. I arrived at the Oakland Schools building here in Oakland County, Michigan at 8:30am. Once I checked in the first thing I saw was the sparkling white […]

What Do Stay-At-Home Dads Do All Day?

by Al Watts

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune for a story about stay-at-home dads. The reporter asked me the usual questions: how did I become a stay-at-home dad (my wife made more money), what my typical day is like (a whirlwind I often don’t remember) and how I parent differently than my […]

L.A. Dads Group

by National At-Home Dad Network

What is the name of your dad’s group? LA Dads Group What cities or area do you serve? LA area (We would welcome anyone from Orange county, Long Beach or any of the surrounding areas to join) How many active members do you have? 198 and growing steadily How long have you been a group? […]

The Value of Community for Stay-At-Home Dads

by Al Watts
2010 Convention

Stay-at-home dad Brent Brookhouse wrote on recently about a discussion on a private Facebook group affiliated with the National At-Home Dad Network that concerned him to the point that he left the group. He was right to be upset about the post and some of the comments made about it. The entire thread Brent described […]

Dadvice: Potty Training

by National At-Home Dad Network

Potty training is one of the most challenging and stressful things… for the parents. For a kid, diapers are a pretty sweet deal, when you think about it. You don’t have to stop playing because somebody else is going to clean up your mess. Why would you want to give that up? Maybe that is […]

7 Tips For A New Marriage… Or An Old One

by Dale Sadler

When you marry, this new relationship presents issues neither of you have ever faced before. It’s a scary time. However, you bring into this union the hope that it will be the start of a life that will bring you rich fulfillment. You are also both bringing into the relationship your faults, your strengths, and […]

Omaha Dads

by National At-Home Dad Network

What is the name of your dad’s group? Omaha Dads What cities or area do you serve? Omaha and the surrounding metropolitan area How many active members do you have? 16 How long have you been a group? Since November of 2013 Who are the organizers of your group? Patrick Hoarty, CJ Trader, Corey Minchow, […]

Bad Dad : Seeking Forgiveness

by Carl Wilke

  Saturday started out on the right foot. I woke up and went to the YMCA to hit the elliptical machine for a 45 minute workout while my wife fed breakfast to our youngest children. Upon my return home I was back in charge of them so she could shower. Without going into the details, […]

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Keep your SAHnity!

by Scotty Schrier

Guys, we’ve all been there. You have that moment when you question your ability to do ANYTHING right, or whether or not you’re even cut out to handle the At Home Dad thing. So, if you’re sitting there at your kitchen table with a Cheerio stuck to your arm while you stare wistfully into a […]