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6 Secrets Stay At Home Dads Won’t Tell, Revealed

by Bryan Alkire

I know I shouldn’t be telling your this. There are things that every stay at home dad knows and tries to ignore. Simple facts we omit when we tell people about what it is like being a stay at home dad. Like all people we too have some secrets. Cracks in our armor and blemishes in […]

If I can do it…

by Greg Tysowski

“I don’t know how you do it! I would be so useless at this baby stuff.” That was probably the number one thing I heard come out of men’s mouths when I told them what I did for a living. Sure, a few guys admitted that they would love a shot at being the parent […]

I’m A Dad and I Parent Too

by Chris Bernholdt

I was looking for an activity to do with my youngest child on a hot summer day a few years ago. She was only two and toddling around the house was becoming a bore. I decided that I would start taking her regularly to the library for story time. At story time they would read […]

Early Bird Registration Opens for HomeDadCon 2017

by National At-Home Dad Network

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Early Bird Registration Opens for HomeDadCon 2017 in Portland, Oregon. The Annual At-Home Dads Convention Brings Together Primary Caregiver Dads for “Professional Development for Professional Dads.” Portland, OR — Organizers expect record attendance at HomeDadCon, also known as the Annual At-Home Dads Convention, and today opened Early Bird Registration for the event. […]

A Worry Free Ten Years

by Chris Bernholdt

Imagine your child was just recently born and you had a guarantee for the next 10 years that you wouldn’t have to do anything to keep him or her safe. Impossible right? I think from the moment of conception, we as parents start to worry. Will we be good parents? Will we know all the […]

Dear Dad, Your Child Has Lice

by Chris Bernholdt

There are a lot of new things that come along with the beginning of the new school year. New routines, riding the school bus for the first time, and your child spending all their time away from you while you finally are able to get things done around the house. Let that sink in for […]

Stay Alone Dad

by Bryan Alkire

Once again my wife is leaving on a work trip. Her job takes her all over the US to different offices and for days at a time. (or almost the entire month of August, God Help me) This means that I become a temporary single parent. 24/7 I am the last line of defense between […]

Are You Sharing Too Much?

by Bryan Alkire

Are you sharing too much? Am I sharing too much? I mean a quick search of my name and you will find a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, and my personal blog.  On all of them, you will find stories, details, and pictures of my family. Any number of people can, with only a little bit of research, […]

The Rise of Fathers Eve

by Pat Jacobs
fathers eve

It all started back in 2012 when John Francis simply wanted to get some fellow dads together on the night before Father’s Day to drink some beer eat some snacks and watch some baseball. “We just hung out. It was very simple, very easy and it was a lot of fun. The coolest part was […]