HomeDadCon 2016

We hope to see you in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area for HomeDadCon 2016 — our 21st Annual Convention, happening October 7-9, 2016!

Registration now open!


Articles about Past Conventions:

Here’s what attendees said:

“People hugged participants who showed bravery in something they shared. People scratched and clawed and slept uncomfortably to attend. People showed great generosity. When you do all of that, and witness what I saw, it is easy to see the impact and value of this convention. Many return home with new friends, skills and energy for their challenging job at home. I return with a renewed sense of purpose and affirmation. What I have chosen to do is good and important. And I am not alone in doing this.”— Christopher Persely, New York, NY

“This group of guys gets me like no one else on this earth. We all face the same challenges and the fact that we can share the burdens of one another while celebrating the successes together encourages me that I’m normal. I’m not alone. And that it’s all worth it.”

“I was one of the youngest guys there (29) but didn’t feel out-of-place at all. So, what this convention did for me was to give me a group of dads I can now go to with parenting questions or support without hesitation.”

“It meant a chance to grow and learn as a father. It helped me build new relationships with other fathers, in an environment that I could feel ‘safe’ in.”

“Going to this is the single best thing I have ever done when it comes to really thriving in the role of the stay-at-home dad.”— Chris Routly, Portland, OR

“Very well organized; the quality of the content; unity of the participants.”— Anonymous Attendee

“It was a great opportunity to hear about experiences of other dads. It put my struggles into perspective and it was a great opportunity to make personal connections with some great people.”— Anonymous Attendee

Also, read these first-hand accounts from some of this year’s attendees:

For additional info about the upcoming convention, or previous conventions, please contact us at convention@athomedad.org.