EAST – Lance Somerfeld, New York, NY

Lance is an at-home-dad who started NYC Dads Group in 2008. This vibrant group of over 700 caring fathers in New York City aims to provide at-home dads and other involved fathers an opportunity to socialize and support each other as they navigate parenthood.
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SOUTH – James Kline, Raleigh, NC

James left the Healthcare IT world to care for his son Tyler in 2010, trading a laptop for a diaper bag and dress shirts for t-shirts.  Toddler-hood has been his greatest challenge above farming, physics and project management.  As co-organizer for the Triangle SAHD group in Raleigh, NC, James has helped grow the group by 200% to over 130 members though media exposure and promoting the “coolness factor” of at-home-dads.  Dad groups provide a great social and educational outlet for both father and son. Follow his adventures at apexdaddy.blogspot.com.
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CENTRAL – Earl Reyes, Chicago, IL

Earl walked away from the “fun” life of being a corporate lawyer so that he can be a stay-at-home father to his two children.  He is a dedicated sci-fi geek, classical music aficionado, outdoors enthusiast and long-time suffering Cubs fan. Earl is an active member of the Chicago Dads Group.
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MIDWEST – Robb Tavill, Omaha, NE

Robb has been an at home dad since February 2006 to his twins, a girl and a boy. He is very involved with the Lincoln/Omaha Dads and with fundraising for the Convention. Originally from Chicago, Robb is an avid fan of the Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks.
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NORTH – Jorun Kaufman, Columbia Heights, MN

Jorun is an at-home dad to two young children, a gregarious and artistic 5 year old daughter and a boisterous and inquisitive 3 year old son. He’s been actively involved in dads group in Kansas City, MO and Minneapolis. When his domestic duties as a trophy husband are done, Jorun enjoys sports (now mostly watching), an entertaining movie or TV series (faster than reading), and eating someone else’s cooking.
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WEST – Ron Farrell, Denver, CO

Ron has been an at-home-dad on and off again since 2003, with his latest stint being 2 years straight.  He has three boys; a 19-year old step-son, a 10-year old and a 6-year old.  In his spare time, he likes to keep up with his numerous web site projects, read, journal, sing in a band and cheer on the Denver Broncos.  Once he realized that being a SAHD was one of the most important jobs he could ever take on, his entire outlook changed from being disappointed about not making money to realizing how precious and important this time with them can be. Ron is also a member of the Convention Committee.
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INTERNATIONAL – Cameron Phillips, Vancouver, BC

Cameron is first and foremost a passionate father. Shortly after becoming a father and taking on a new mortgage, Cameron lost a well-paying job and began to examine the narrow definition of “provider.” By expanding this definition to include what men need to do to truly provide for themselves and their families, Cameron has been actively involved in the at-home dad community and has launched a speaking career with Bettermen Solutions.
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