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September 14-16, 2017

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Add to My Calendar 2017-09-14 18:00:00 2017-09-16 20:00:00 America/Los_Angeles HomeDadCon 2017 HomeDadCon — also known as the 22nd Annual At-Home Dads Convention — is taking place in Portland, Oregon on September 14-16, 2017, and brings primary caregiver dads for professional development as dads who embrace parenting as their most important job, to network with other dads from across the country… and for a well deserved chance to relax. Portland, Oregon National At-Home Dad Network


HomeDadCon — the Annual At-Home Dads Convention — brings primary caregiver dads together from across the country for professional development as dads who embrace parenting as their most important job, to network with other active and involved dads… and for a well deserved chance to relax.

Founded in Chicago in 1996, this will mark our 22nd year, and we’re thrilled to be bringing the event to Portland, Oregon — the first time on the west coast since 2008! Hope to see you there!

HomeDadCon 2017 is brought to you by the National At-Home Dad Network, a 501c(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing advocacy, community, education, and support for families where fathers are the primary caregivers of their children. Our purpose is to empower fathers and champion a culture that recognizes them as capable and competent parents.

This year, we’re excited to have as our local Portland hosts dads be the PDX Dads Group, which is part of City Dads Group, a dynamic and diverse community of fathers dedicated to being active in their children’s lives and, by example, redefining what it means to be a dad in the 21st century.

City Dads Group has chapters in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Find out more at


Portland's White Stag sign in September 2016. Photo by Steve Morgan.

Our Planning Committee is working hard to put together a fantastic weekend for all of our attendees coming to Portland for HomeDadCon 2017. For now, here’s a basic breakdown of what to expect.

Come back for more details as we get closer to the big day!

(Schedule is subject to change)

Dad’s Night Out

In town a day early? Here’s your chance to get together with other early arrivals and local Portland dads for fun Dad’s Night Out together! We’ll be meeting at Grand Central Restaurant & Bowling Lounge, taking over the entire Mezzanine Level, for some great food, a few drinks, and a lot of fun. Hope to see you there! [Directions here.]

08:00 PM

Pre-Convention Activities

Spend some time on Thursday before the start of official HomeDadCon programming getting to know Portland with a variety of elective activities, such as a hike up Multnomah Falls, coffee brewing class, biking tour, or CPR class. Details TBA.

12:00 PM

Registration Opens

Come sign in, and pick up your HomeDadCon badge, swag bag, program, and other goodies. Details TBA.

05:00 PM

Welcome Party

Please join us as we kick off HomeDadCon 2017 in style, with the Convention Eve Welcome Party on Thursday evening. Includes food and drinks, free for all registered attendees. Details TBA.

06:00 PM


Join us for breakfast before the start of official programming for the day. Details TBA.

08:00 AM

Full Day of Programming

A full day of dad-centric programming, featuring keynote speakers, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and more. Breakfast, Lunch, and snacks provided.

09:00 AM

End of Day’s Programming

06:00 PM


Join us for breakfast before the start of official programming for the day. Details TBA.

08:00 AM

Full Day of Programming

A full day of dad-centric programming, featuring keynote speakers, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and more. Breakfast, Lunch, and snacks provided.

09:00 AM

NAHDN Annual Members Meeting

As an attendee of HomeDadCon, you are officially a Voting Member of the National At-Home Dad Network. As a 501c(3) nonprofit, one of our requirements is to hold an Annual Members Meeting, which takes place at HomeDadCon each year. This is a great chance to hear a little about what the organization has been up to over the past year. In addition it’s at this time the membership votes on new Board Members. Time subject to change.

09:00 AM


Thank you so much to our incredible sponsors!

chris ddb

Sponsorship opportunities for HomeDadCon 2017 are still available!

If you, your brand, or organization are interested in being an official Sponsor for HomeDadCon 2017, we’d love to talk! Please get in touch at to find out more or request a Sponsorship Packet.


Dad, author, and journalist Josh Levs speaks at HomeDadCon 2015 in Raleigh, NC.


Our goal for HomeDadCon 2017 is to provide an experience where every man attending walks away a better dad — better equipped, better educated, and better connected. If you think you have something to add, whether as a speaker, panelist, breakout session leader, or just have an idea about a topic you think would be relevant to our attendees, please get in touch!


The Brian Dickson Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship fund to help stay-at-home dads who would like to attend HomeDadCon but cannot because of financial reasons.

Scholarships are funded by sales of our Dads Don’t Babysit t-shirts, as well as by donation. If you would like to help support our Scholarship Fun please use the links to either purchase a shirt or make a donation.

Thank you!


Donate via PayPal to the Sponsorship Fund.

The Brian Dickson Memorial Scholarship is named in honor of our friend and fellow at-home dad Brian Dickson, of Kansas City, Missouri.  Brian passed away in 2007 of cancer a year after the scholarship’s inception.

HomeDadCon is especially important for fathers looking for support from men in similar situations, and attending can dramatically improve the success and well being of at-home dads. “Men who reported high levels of social support reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction and overall were more satisfied in their lives,” according to Dr. Aaron Rochlen, Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Texas-Austin.

The Scholarship amount varies, depending on the travel and accommodation needs of the Scholarship Recipient, but we will do our best to help as many dads as we can, according to their need. Scholarships are limited, so be sure to apply early.

More information on the criteria for the scholarship or how to donate to the scholarship fund can be found by contacting the Scholarship Committee via email at

Deadline for nominations is July 21st, 2017.

Scholarship winners will be announced on August 1st, 2017.

To nominate yourself, or an at-home dad you know, please click the button below to complete the online Nomination Form.


We’re ecstatic to have our convention venue, the DoubleTree by Hilton Portland, also be our official hotel for HomeDadCon 2017. Not only is their service second to none, but they’ve also given us an exceptional rate on rooms for our event. In addition, they are right off of the MAX line, Portland’s light-rail system, which provides a quick ride directly from Portland International Airport, and gives easy access to downtown and many other points of interest in the city.

Why stay at the official hotel?
  • It supports the NAHDN: We are required by contract to fill a certain percentage of the rooms blocked out for our event, and if we do not meet that number then the organization is responsible to cover the cost. Staying at the official hotel helps ensure we can use event revenue towards putting on an amazing event, rather than covering such extra costs.
  • It’s easier: Staying at the same hotel where the event is taking place gives you several advantages all weekend, including eliminating any travel time or expense from hotel to venue, and additional time to network with other attendees.
  • Exclusives: This year there will be several HomeDadCon exclusives only for attendees who are guests at the DoubleTree. Details TBA.
Need a Roommate?

If the cost of a room is a concern, you would like to split the cost of a room with a roommate, but don’t have one, please check out our Facebook group dedicated to that purpose here!

Reminder: Convention Rate on rooms ends on August 23rd, so book early to reserve your room!

DoubleTree by Hilton Portland

$149/night for a Single Queen.

$169/night for a Double Queen/Single King.

Special Convention Rate expires August 23rd, 2017.


“People hugged participants who showed bravery in something they shared. People scratched and clawed and slept uncomfortably to attend. People showed great generosity. When you do all of that, and witness what I saw, it is easy to see the impact and value of this convention. Many return home with new friends, skills and energy for their challenging job at home. I return with a renewed sense of purpose and affirmation. What I have chosen to do is good and important. And I am not alone in doing this.”


“The convention meant so much to me; meeting other at-home dads and being able to develop a sense of worth outside of the 24 hour job that I love so much.”

“It would have been really easy to feel like an outsider at my first convention. But I didn’t. From the Thursday I arrived … to dropping off some new friends in KC on the way home, I felt like I was part of the group.”

“It was good to hear that the issues I come across here at home are issues that you all come across, but the way we handle them are different, so getting a new perspective on things was a real help.”


“Going to this is the single best thing I have ever done when it comes to really thriving in the role of the stay-at-home dad.”


“While having fun is an important part of this weekend away from our families it is more an opportunity to strengthen the bond of the brotherhood of this remarkable group of guys. I’m a better husband, dad and man for knowing them.”


“I’ve truly found my tribe.”

“The feeling of walking into a room full of people you never met or only met once and feeling at home. Knowing that everyone there knows what your going through and has a solution. Or doesn’t have a solution but will buy you a drink and talk about.”

“I’ve been at home with my kids for 5 years, and this is the first time I made it out to to conference, and I’m so glad I did. Over the weekend I experienced an amazing sense of brotherhood and solidarity, and now I know I’m not alone. Very cool.”



I'm not sure I am a "stay-at-home dad." Is HomeDadCon for me?

In a word: YES. HomeDadCon is for anyone interested in either becoming a better parent, discussing modern fatherhood, or connecting with caregiver dads.

HomeDadCon is particularly designed to be beneficial to dads who are the regular primary caregiver for their child(ren). Most often this is in situations where their partner is the primary breadwinner for the family, but certainly not exclusively, and HomeDadCon is for any caregiver dad regardless of marital or employment status, or the current age of their children. If you are a single dad, or work inside or outside of the home in some capacity, please understand that this is for you too! If you used to be primary caregiver for your kid(s) but now they are school-aged or grown, you’re still part of the tribe and we’d still love to have you.

When should I arrive?

The official dates for HomeDadCon are Thursday, September 14th, to Saturday, September 16th. Things kick of with a Welcome Party on the Thursday evening, and end with our closing Convention Dinner on Saturday evening, so we highly recommend making sure your plans have you in town to participate in those if at all possible. The majority of attendees will be arriving on Thursday (9/14) and departing on Sunday (9/17) to travel home.

However! We will also have some fun, elective Pre-Convention activities around Portland throughout Thursday, as well as a more informal “Dad’s Night Out” on the evening of Wednesday, September 13th, for those already in town a night early. Our official hotel (DoubleTree by Hilton Portland) will give you the same low room rate for Wednesday night as for the rest of the weekend.

Where should I stay?

The official venue and hotel for HomeDadCon 2017 is the DoubleTree by Hilton Portland, where we have blocked off rooms for the event at a fantastic rate. We highly encourage you to stay there. Scroll up to the Where To Stay section to find out more.

What's included in Registration?

The registration fee includes all official HomeDadCon programming, as well as meals during official activities: the Welcome Party meal, then breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks during the Convention on Friday and Saturday. It also includes an exclusive HomeDadCon 2017 t-shirt, and other goodies from our sponsors (details TBD).

In addition, your registration entitles you to be a Voting Member of the National At-Home Dad Network, and will have voting rights during the Annual Meeting portion of the weekend, when members of the NAHDN Board of Directors are elected. If you are interested in running for a Board position, or finding out more about what is involved, please contact us.

Should I bring my family?

Like any conference or convention, some attendees occasionally bring their families to the HomeDadCon host city with them, in order to enjoy some of the sights of the city together before or after the convention as a family vacation. Due to it’s length and some content, HomeDadCon itself is generally not for children or babes-in-arms, and we cannot not provide child care. In addition, many attendees feel that some of their favorite aspects of HomeDadCon are the after-hours time spent with other dads, so the distraction of bringing your family could mean less time to just relax with your fellow fathers. We recommend planning on scheduling the most alone time possible in order to get the most out of the weekend.

That said, partners interested in experiencing HomeDadCon are certainly welcome to join us if that’s what your family would like to do.

I'm interested in sponsoring HomeDadCon! Who do I talk to?

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting us! Please reach out by emailing us to find out more and request a Sponsorship Packet.

I have an idea for a breakout session, and/or would like to be a speaker. Who do I talk to?

While we can’t guarantee all submissions will be chosen, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us for more information.


Super Early Bird Registration
  • $50 OFF Regular Price.
  • Limited availability of 25 Tickets.
  • First come, first serve!


Early Bird Registration
  • $25 OFF Regular Registration price.
  • Includes all programming, meals during official programming, and snacks, exclusive commemorative t-shirt, plus other goodies from our sponsors.


Regular Registration
  • Includes all programming, meals during official programming, and snacks, exclusive commemorative t-shirt, plus other goodies from our sponsors.



Questions? Please feel free to drop us a line at one of the following email addresses.

General Information

Sponsorship Opportunities

Scholarship Program